Helen Graham R.M.

Registered Midwife
Certified Birth Trauma Resolution Practitioner
Member of Royal college of Midwives
Holistic therapist MGBT (Member of Guild of Beauty Therapists)

I am a practising Midwife with 25 years of experience in caring for women during pregnancy, birth and beyond.
I also work as an independent Birth Trauma Resolution Therapist, having undergone extensive training in 2017.
My role is to support women and birth partners who are experiencing distressful memories or thoughts surrounding their labour or birth of their baby.
Post-traumatic stress is increasing at alarming rates postnatally, which can lead to debilitating symptoms such as intrusive thoughts, anxiety, flashbacks, hyper vigilance, irritability and heightened emotions.
Birth trauma therapy is a gentle, fast, effective and compassionate treatment carried out over 1-4 sessions, working through issues surrounding the birth.
Powerful techniques including deep relaxation and the rewind therapy are used to remove the emotional attachment from the memory which causes you distress and pain.
The ultimate goal is to release you from this day to day struggle and to be free from the symptoms which can have a profound effect on your role as new parents. This can empower you to face future pregnancies and birth in the future.

For more information, you can find me on

At ‘East Anglia Ultrasound Services’, I would be more than happy to offer a listening ear service if you have any general concerns about your forthcoming birth or wish to talk through your previous experience . As a compassionate, experienced midwife with 10 years experience in debriefing within the NHS, this places me in a prime position to offer support and care for your needs.

My skills also extend to pregnancy massage. As a qualified therapist I offer relaxation massages in pregnancy after the first trimester which can be beneficial on a physical and emotional level.

As a mother of 2 daughters, I am passionate about supporting women and partners and sharing my wealth of knowledge.

For any further information on any of these service please email me:
helengraham992@btinternet.com or 07546 560164