Second Trimester Reassurance Scan + blood tests – 01/12/2018
S. Caprari says: “We visited East Anglia Ultrasound on a number of occasions, including for my pregnancy examinations and for additional scans I had in the past. We are 100% satisfied with the service offered every time we go. We are really amazed by the kindness, attention to the customer’s requirements, professionalism and preparation that Marites and Cinzia show on every occasion. Sure we will get on with benefiting with this service. Well done!”

Breasts scan – 30/11/2018
K. Jaroszewska says: “I would like to say that I was really impressed by my visit. Generally I find the Medical Centre Excellent in all aspects. It makes a considerable difference to the quality of one’s experience at The Medical Centre if a patient is welcome with a smile and a pleasant work by any member of the staff encountered during the course of the visit, as I was on Friday. I would definitely recommend your Medical Centre and happy to visit you again by booking another appointment. Thank you very much for making my visit pleasant.”

4D Scan – 28/11/2018
C. York says: “Our experience with you was truly magical, more than we would have ever expected. From the minute we arrived you were so welcoming and made us feel at ease. So friendly. The 4D images we saw of our baby were beyond our imagination and the videos are memories we’ll treasure forever. Marites made us feel so at ease, she talked us through the whole process, reassured us, answered our questions and was just as excited as we were at seeing our baby girl. I would not hesitate to recommend your service to any mummy friends and will definitely return in the future ūüėÄ .”

Vision Total + 9 micros NIPT – 24/11/2018
Y.C. Bream says: “We had a fantastic experience with East Anglia Ultrasound Service Ltd. Both Marites and Cinzia looked after both myself and my husband from the moment we walked through the doors. Marites was excellent! She explained the procedure and timescales and made both of us feel at ease. When we went through the procedure, she walked through our ultrasound and was extremely knowledgeable and kept our mind at ease. I would highly recommend East Anglia Ultrasound Services, not only because they were extremely knowledgeable about our situation, and welcoming, but they also provided a very professional service, providing us with the ultrasound scan and a full written report for the hospital and updates about our appointment. Thank you once again Marites and Cinzia.”

Pelvic Scan – 24/10/2018
D. Ivanov says: “I had a positive experience with you and we will visit you again with pleasure”.

Early Pregnancy Scan – 17/10/2018
Hannah says: “We were extremely happy with the service, very personable and welcoming. Everything was very clearly explained and Marites was such a lovely lady, making us feel comfortable and looked after the whole way through. I would thoroughly recommend East Anglia Ultrasound.”

4D Growth Scan – 17/10/2018
C. M. D. Moro says: “We were very happy, lovely place, friendly staff and we are extremely happy of the scan and of the professionalism and helpfulness of the doctor that performed it. Thank you for a lovely experience! ūüôā “

4D Gender Scan – 12/10/2018
F. Moxham says: “We thoroughly enjoyed having our scan with East Anglia Ultrasound. We felt comfortable and well take care of. Beatrice, our sonographer, was very friendly and provided us¬† with a well explained sonogram. We will recommend EAU to friends and family.”¬†

Early Pregnancy Scan – 10/10/2018
E. Haynes says: “The appointment was really excellent; the experience couldn’t have been better and it definitely felt worth the money!”

Testes and Scrotum Scan + Upper and Lower Abdominal Scan – 09/10/2018
P. Whiting says: “My experience with you yesterday was really fantastic. Everybody was very nice, friendly and professional and the atmosphere –¬† which could have been sterile and cold – was warm and welcoming. Exactly what you need when undergoing any health related procedure. The results were sent very quickly and I couldn’t be happier with my choice to have these scans done with you (and thank you for the biscuits).

4D Scan – 03/10/2018
Y. Qin says: “Nice staff, friendly, patient. We will make an appointment for my next check.”

Thyroid, lumps, bumps and hernia Scan – 30/09/2019
R. Collinson says: “I was really pleased with the service from booking the appointment, to the the service on the day. Everything was explained clearly and the images and the report were sent through really speedily. Thank you ever so much!”

Early Pregnancy Scan – 30/09/2018
S. Bateman says: “I found the environment to be calm and welcoming and the people to be friendly. I appreciated the thorough ultrasound scan and transvaginal scan.”

MSK Scan – 30/09/2018
W.E. Whitechurch says: ” 5 out 5. Excellent service and was crucial to speeding up my NHS diagnosis and treatment plan.”

MSK Scan – 30/09/2018
S. Lewis says: “I found the whole experience quite relaxing and informative. To see me the day after I enquired and on a Sunday was a stroke of luck. With the Scan pictures and report information provided I can now sick physiotherapy and hopefully sort my shoulder. Thank you.”

Early Pregnancy Scan – 26/09/2018
J. Smith says: “It was wonderful! Thank you so much for your time. Following our late miscarriage last year, we were treated with the highest respect and care. It made the whole experience totally worthwhile and so reassuring. Thank you.”

Harmony NIPT – 20/09/2018
V. Blackbird says: “I had a great experience.”

Upper Abdominal Scan – 18/09/2018
M. Dochnal says: “Great service and very friendly staff.¬† I came in for a MOT scan as a part of my routine to look after myself. The staff were very helpful and explained the scan to me and pointed out any key details.”

4D Gender Scan – 16/09/2018
S. Birch says: “My experience yesterday was excellent, as always. We were warmly welcomed and offered a drink. The waiting area is clean, comfortable and peaceful. The scan itself was incredible –¬† my partner and I were astounded by the level of detailed information about our baby that the sonographer was able to give us – including confirmation of gender. We were over the moon with our experience – thank you to all the team.”

Early Pregnancy Scan – 16/09/2018
C.C. Guzzo says: “I had a great experience with two different sonographers. The person reassured me that the pregnancy was progressing well and let my husband and I see the embryo developing and the heartbeat and answered all our questions. Thanks.”

Early Pregnancy Scan – 11/09/2018
E. Cooke says: “Professional and supportive.”

Early Pregnancy Scan – 09/09/2018
N. Furness says: “I found the practice incredibly professional and personable and felt completely at ease the moment I walked through the door. Being able to book a very last minute weekend appointment was absolutely amazing and I cannot reiterate how reassuring it was. I will definitely return should I need to and will recommend others.”

Upper and Lower Abdominal Scan – 08/09/2018
S. Stanley says: “The scan was thorough and professional and you explained the key things that I wanted to know. Very much appreciated to put my mind at rest, so many thanks.”

Early Pregnancy Scan – 07/09/2018
C. Gawthrop says: “It was amazing. You were both kind and helpful and very reassuring. Thank you so much!”

Early Pregnancy Scan – 25/08/2018
O. Chausiaux says: “It was great, as always, very caring and available staff. I am very pleased with the service.”

Dating Scan – 25/08/2018
E. Casagrande says: “My experience was extremely pleasant. The medical and non-medical staff was very welcoming and professional. I would recommend this place. I particularly liked the fact that I could receive all the results via email. Thank you.”

4D Scan – 22/08/2018
S. Verganti says: “Great service, very meticulous scan. Everyone is very nice and welcoming. Cannot fault anything.”

Pelvic Scan – 16/08/2018
C. Brunetti says: “I appreciate very much the help I’ve received yesterday and the concern you showed for my situation. I would certainly recommend your clinic to other people. Many thanks.”

Early Pregnancy Scan – 07/08/2018
L. Hurley says: “Experience was fantastic, thank you! Would definitely recommend you. Your new location was much more convenient to us then going into Cambridge.”

Cervical Length  scan Р04/08/2018
V. Keevil says: “Very professional and efficient service. Thank you very much!”

Testes and Scrotum Scan – 03/08/2018
S. Stanley says: “Having my scrotum scanned is not my idea of fun day out, but I needed to get it done. The NHS waiting time is many weeks. I was able to book my appointment easily and with virtually no waiting time. The scan itself was don punctually and professionally, and I can now visit my doctor with the report to understand next steps. I would recommend your service to someone in similar circumstances. Many thanks!”

Growth Scan – 29/07/2018
L. Grasso says: “I really enjoyed my experience with East Anglia Ultrasound.
Marites and Beatrice were very nice and professional and it was useful chatting with them.
I highly recommend East Anglia Ultrasound.”

Early Pregnancy Scan –¬† 04/07/2018
A. Grey says: “It was very good! Thank you for all your help when it was much needed!”

Early Pregnancy Scan – 03/07/2018
C. Read says: “It was lovely that so much time was given to just us, Beatrice was knowledgeable and patient and really got us a good look at baby. After two previous miscarriages it was so important to us to see the heartbeat. “

Second Trimester Reassurance Scan – 02/07/2018
R. Fenner says: “Thank you again for such a great experience! We booked a reassurance scan through the website, which was quick and easy to do. I called with a query shortly before the appointment and the lovely receptionist quickly called me back, answered my question and her friendliness make me look forward to the appointment even more. The greeting was lovely and personal, my husband was very pleased with his coffee and both, the receptionist and Beatrice, the sonographer spent time chatting with us before we went through for the scan. Beatrice gave us so much time to enjoy the scan, explaining everything very carefully, including that we were expecting a baby boy, and she offered to show us him in 4D – which was interesting even if it did make him look like Morph! We were sent the images within minutes of leaving, including a short clip of his heart beating which we didn’t expect and absolutely love. We were also given a bag of free samples and goodies which was a lovely surprise. It was a great experience and I have recommended EAU to everyone since.”

Early Pregnancy Scan – 01/07/2018
J. Henry says: “My appointment on Sunday, as always was conducted in a very professional, efficient and friendly manner. I’m always made to feel as an individual and not¬† just another patient. We always feel confident in the skills and expertise of Beatrice and Marites and have total trust in their ability. We cannot recommend East Anglia Ultrasound Service and all their staff highly enough. Thank you, once again!”

Harmony Test – 30/06/2018
E. Hollis says: “We were pleased with our appointment. The staff were very polite and helpful and they were very welcoming of our other children. The service was efficient and the process was explained fully upon asking. The facilities were great. It was quite a way for us to travel, but the location was easy to find. Thank you!”

4D Scan – 28/06/2018
J. Thompson says: “We thoroughly enjoyed our scan!!! The facilities were clean and welcoming, with comfortable sofas and toys for our children! The receptionist was welcoming and drinks were offered! The scan itself took place in a clean room and our children loved watching the scan! The sonographer was very patient with getting the perfect picture of our baby and we couldn’t be more grateful!!! Thank you so much for a great experience!!!! Would highly recommend to others!!!”

Early Pregnancy Scan – 21/06/2018
E. Fountain says: “We thought the appointment was very good, made to feel welcome and relaxed on arrival and all was very professional. Good range of toys for our child to play with. Thank you!”

Upper and Lower Abdominal Scan – 20/06/2018
D. Badea says: “Thank you very much, Cinzia! It was a pleasure being there!”

Vision NIPT – 17/06/2018
F. Cunningham says: “My appointment was great, thank you! It was very relaxed and very convenient to do it at the weekend, thank you!”

Early Pregnancy Scan –¬† 14/06/2018
S. Wright says: “Considering how anxious I was in anticipation of the scan result, I was welcome, reassured and felt very comfortable.¬† I thankfully had a positive result from the scan and appreciated the depth of explanation and examination. Would thoroughly recommend yous services to anyone, especially to those with anxieties of the outcome.”

Blood test – 13/06/2018
J. Henry says: “My appointment as always was dealt with very efficiently by Marites and Cinzia. The team are also professional but personable and we never feel like we are just another patient, we are always given plenty of time and the information we are given is always clear and concise. A first class service every time!! Our continued thanks to you all.”

Upper and Lower Abdominal Scan – 13/06/2018
P. Harper says: “My appointment was so good I did not want to go home. Very relaxed and informative and… two lovely ladies!”

4D Scan – 09/06/2018
A. Cockbill says: “Our experience was really good! We were really impressed with the service, especially as we had booked in for a 4D scan and as the baby was in difficult position to get a clear view we were able to come back the next day which was a great success! Thank you!”

4D Gender Scan – 06/06/2018
C. Wing says: “Fabulous! Could not be happier. This is the second pregnancy I’ve used your services and always been happy with the service. Very pleased to discover we’re having another boy too. Thank you as always! :)”

Harmony Test – 31/05/2018
H. Dogruel says: “Our overall experience with East Anglia Ultrasound Services is very good.”

4D Scan – 30/05/2018
L. Marando says: “Everything was perfect. Thank you!”

Upper and Lower Abdominal Scan – 29/05/2018
S. Crane says: “The whole experience was excellent. Very good staff, very clean environment. Nothing negative to say whatsoever.”

Harmony Test – 17/05/2018
A. Martin says: “We had a lovely experience at the clinic yesterday, thank you. Very helpful staff, putting us at easy.”

Early Pregnancy Scan – 17/05/2018
L. Franklin says: “We were impressed with our visit to the scan unit. There was a friendly and professional welcome and the sonographer made us feel at ease. Thank you.”

Early Pregnancy Scan – 12/05/2018
R. Crofts says: “Great experience, staff were friendly and knowledgeable, answered all of our questions and explained everything well.”

Upper and Lower Abdominal Scan – 11/05/2018
E. Harwood says: “Everything was very positive – particularly the speed with which the report and scans were emailed following the appointment. The sonographer was friendly and explained everything clearly.”

4D Scan – 08/05/2018
C. Pereira says: “The experience was fantastic! We felt cared for and the time and attention taken over making sure we got the best images of our baby possible was outstanding. Thank you so much!”

Early Pregnancy Scan –¬† 08/05/2018
N. Keppler says: “A good experience! What can be nerve racking experience was as relaxed as possible, thank you.”

MSK Scan – 28/04/2018
F. Stevens: says: “I had an excellent experience regarding my appointment yesterday and I would recommend your service.”

Ovarian Cancer Screening – 28/04/2018
N. Faraday says: “Experience was very positive. I would definitely recommend and I wouldn’t hesitate to use East Anglia Ultrasound again for any further ultrasounds. Very professional and accommodating to find a suitable and timely booking. Friendly and reassuring service.”

Early Pregnancy Scan – 28/04/2018
S. Torrance says: “My appointment was a really positive experience.”

Early Pregnancy Scan – 22/04/2018
S. Lahiff says: “I just wanted to say thank you so much for the appointment I attended. The Sonographer spent a lot of time explaining exactly what we could see on screen and made the effort to search for any underlying issues I was concerned about as a sufferer of Endometriosis. The lady really put me at ease and overall the scan experience was far better than anything I had received at the Rosie Hospital. Thank you again!”

Harmony Test – 12/04/2018
H. Hewitt says: “The appointment was a great experience for a expecting Mum who has worries. The scan was in-depth and it was all explained what we was seeing. It was a warm and comfortable environment.”

Endometrial thickness scan – 10/04/2018
J. Henry says: “I had a scan on the 10th April, which as usual was carried out in a very professional and timely manner, this time by Beatrice. We also find the staff at the clinc warm, friendly and professional. We are always impressed how efficient they are and it’s so refreshing to find an organisation who know exactly what their clients need and deliver!! “

Women’s health check – 07/04/2018
R. Blasco says: “It was really positive. I felt very welcome by Cinzia when I arrived, offering me coffee, tea… and after my scan as I was fasting. Gwen did my scan, she is very professional, she made me feel comfortable all the time. I really like that the report is sent by email nearly straight away and also all the pictures taken in the scan. Thanks, I will definitely recommend you. By the way, coffee is really nice!”

MSK Scan – 07/04/2018
S. Newmand says: “Most attentive, everything explained, very comfortable surroundings.”

Anomaly Scan – 05/04/2018
A. Negrin says: “Great experience as usual, very quick appointment on the very same day and the sonographer has been reassuring us first on the phone and then on the clinic. She spent lots of time and she seemed very compassionate for our worries. Moreover she detailed very well all the findings and discussed with us without rush.¬†
Cinzia has been always very nice.”

Harmony Test – 04/04/18
L. Johnson says: “Wonderful service from caring, knowledgeable and friendly professionals. I felt in very hands and I would highly recommend East Anglia Ultrasound to friends and family. Thank you very much, ¬†would definitely use your clinic again. I couldn‚Äôt think more highly of the clinic.”

Early Pregnancy Scan – 03/04/2018
O. Vallianou says: “The appointment was very good from the point of view of your service. Both the sonographer and the receptionist were professional and efficient, but also friendly.¬†Thank you for your help. “

Upper abdominal scan – 02/04/2018
M. Kevina says: “Appointment was brilliant and service was really helpful. Thanks a lot for your help. I will recommend your clinic to my friends.”

Early Pregnancy Scan – 31/03/2018
H. Braham says: “It was a really good appointment thanks.”

Early Pregnancy Scan – 31/03/2018
O. Chausiaux says: “It was perfect, I appreciate your friendly staff and the fact that you guys are open when it suits patients. Thank you.”

Harmony Test – 29/03/18
R. Van Cutsem says: “Thank you for an excellent appointment and friendly welcome.”

Second Trimester Reassurance scan – 18/03/2018
A. Negrin says: “We have had a great experience, very professional and friendly staff. We had gone to another brand the first scan, but our experience with you has been much better. We have already booked another scan with the same person as she as been very reassuring and very nice and very good at her job. Cinzia also has been very nice and kind. Place has been easy to reach and lovely new furniture. Very well impressed. Many thanks!”

Second Trimester Reassurance scan – 27/03/2018
S. Schafer says: “WAs very good as before. Great relaxed atmosphere especially for my 18 months old.”

MSK Scan – 17/03/2018
R. Harber says: ” Friendly and professional service as experienced previously by my wife and daughter. Would recommend.”

Early Pregnancy Scan – 17/03/2018
K. Torok says: “I am deeply impressed with the quality of service I got from East Anglia Ultrasound Ltd. I received a convenient appointment within very short notice time. I will strongly recommend the company to any of my friends, acquaintances who¬† need ultrasound scanning. Many thanks for everything!”

Second Trimester Reassurance Scan – 16/03/2018
S. Neher says: “It was really nice. ¬†Very personable and quick. ¬†I really enjoyed the digital images and DVD. ¬†Made it really easy to keep my family updated on the baby too! “

Harmony Test – 08/03/2018
T. Shepherd says: “I thought the facility was very welcoming. The staff were friendly and professional.”

4D Scan -08/03/2018
Lannette H. says: ”We were very happy with our appointment and the images we received. Thank you!”

Harmony Test – 06/03/2018
E.Watling says:”I was thoroughly pleased with my appointment.
The kindness and professionalism from the sonographer and receptionist was fantastic. They were also very welcoming. The ultrasound scan was very thorough, very different to an NHS scan. Blood sampling was stress free (as I don’t like needles) .We would recommend this clinic and we would use again in the future if we need to.

Upper and Lower abdominal scan, blood test – 22/02/2018
L. Woodhouse says:”Everything was great with the appointment! I don‚Äôt think I have any suggestions. You were very friendly and welcoming and the appointment went very smoothly. Thank you for your help,Best wishes.”

MSK – 18/02/2018
J.Carlsson says: ”Very good, very professional, clean, knowledgeable and helpful.
Got the report and scan pictures immediately and very pleased.Would definitely recommend and wish I had known about this service before.”

Endometrial Thickness – 15/02/2018
J.Henry says: ”I can not fault anything about my appointment yesterday, we were welcomed by Cinzia on arrival who was friendly and efficient throughout. My scan this week was performed by Marites who was both professional and personable, and like Beatrice, clearly has many years of experience and knowledge. There is nothing I can suggest that needs improving following my two visits, the clinic scores 10 out of 10 as far as my husband and I are concerned.”

Pelvic  Scan -15/02/2018
N.Thomas says: ”It was excellent. The receptionist was efficient and friendly and the sonographer was kind and knowledgable. I received all communications promptly. I was very impressed, pleasantly surprised and would highly recommend this service.”

Early Pregnancy Scan – 13/02/2018
L.Porter:”We are anxious about our early pregnancy scan, but we were made feel very welcome which helped to ease our nerves.
Gwen seemed almost as excited to see the movements of our tiny baby as we were and she selected several videos and images to send across by email, which we’ve looked at countless of time since. Thank you for a friendly, welcoming and professional service. With the best wishes.”

Pelvic Scan – 07/02/2018
J.Henry says:”From the moment I first contacted Anthony at your clinic to the end of my appointment yesterday the service has been exceptional. The location was easy to find, the communication throughout was clear, the scan process was carried out by Beatrice in a highly professional and personable manner which was clearly a culmination of many years of practice and experience.
I was hugely impressed with the electronic method used to present the results, which made it really easy to forward them to my overseas clinic, avoiding any unnecessary delay.
I have undergone this procedure many times before and my experience at East Anglia Ultrasound Services has been by far the best in all areas, and I have no hesitation in using their services again and recommending them.”

Harmony Test – 05/02/2018
V.Stratigi says: ”Very satisfied”.

Early Pregnancy Scan – 29/01/2018
J. Barretto says:”Thank you for requesting feedback.
I couldn’t be more happier with the service I received. This includes booking the appointment to attending the appointment. Everyone was very welcoming and caring. The actual ultrasound was amazing, with the added bonus of receiving all the data by the time I had come out of the ultrasound room. In summary, brilliant service and caring staff. I would definitely recommend the service.Kind regards,Judy.”

Early Pregnancy Scan -28/01/2018
S. Schafer say: ”It was absolutely brilliant. Quick, efficient, friendly atmosphere and I felt at home even though I was feeling so anxious.
Service was superb I cannot fault it anyway.”

Gender Scan – 27/01/2018
H. and T. Merwiak says:”Hey there, Our appointment went beautifully . We were very excited to find out the gender of our baby too ūüôā
The staff are very polite and make you feel at home. Highly recommend you to all of our friends .
Thank you again for an amazing opportunity.

Harmony Test – 18/01/2018
K.McMurray says:”Thanks again for giving us such a relaxed, friendly & informative appointment last week, it was great to go through everything in detail with you.”

Upper and Lower abdominal Scan – 18/01/2018
L.Joubert:”I greatly appreciate your service, thank you. The clinician is highly skilled but also compassionate, and the reception staff strike a good balance between professionalism and friendliness.”

Abdominal Scan -18/01/2018
J.Nayar says:”The ultrasound was conducted very satisfactorily. From the time we arrived we were looked after very warmly by the staff. I will recommend East Anglia Ultrasound without any hesitation and thank you for a prompt appointment.”

Dating Scan – 16/01/2018
R.Gould-Robinson says:”We could not be happier with the service provided, the children were welcomed and enjoyed the homely feel and toys provided for them, the adults were offered coffee too ūüôā Our scan was very professionally dealt with and the information and pictures were emailed to us very quickly. We would recommend your service very highly and will definitely use again.”
100% 5 star treatment…Thank you!

MSK – 14/01/2018
M.Crisp says:”I had a very pleasant experience at EAUS yesterday. Tony was his usual welcoming self, the premises were bright and calm, and the wonderful Gwen Williams was able to characterise a lump/bump that has been a mystery and bothering me for the last five years!”
My thanks to all at EAUS for their continued friendly and professional service.

Growth Scan – 07/01/2018
E.Eve says:”My appointment went very well yesterday staff were very friendly.”

Paediatric Abdominal Scan – 07/01/2018
J.Read says:”very good thanks, let me know if you would like a review anywhere, guessing google?”.
I was going to feed back that you guys should promote the fact you screen babies as nobody else offers these services around here, and it’s not clear in your site..

Upper Abdominal Scan – 06/01/2018
C.Armstrong says:”My appointment yesterday with Beatrice for an upper abdominal scan was absolutely fine I found her to be very nice, friendly, and very informative she explained everything that she was doing and was very reassuring!! I would definitely recommend you services.”

Growth Scan – 05/01/2018
J.McDowell says:”Perfect
We both go away feeling like nothing was rushed and I by far the two appointments we have had with you has been the best we have had anywhere. Don’t change a thing.

Early Pregnancy Scan -02/01/2018
S.Huges says:”Very conveniently located; highly professional.”

Early Pregnancy Scan – 23/12/2017
E.Hemville says:” Me and my partner were so pleased with our appointment! Lovely friendly team and such a cosy, comfortable place.
We will definitely be back for our gender scan ūüėĀ”

K.Ahl says: ”Hello Marites, I have been meaning to write to you for ages – since April, in fact, when I had a healthy baby boy. I had a difficult pregnancy, having lost our first child at full term, and you were such calming, steady influence, explaining everything and taking us seriously, managing never to be either alarmist or dismissive. I wanted to thank you for all your help during a terrifying period of our lives.
Our son is 8.5 months old now, happy and healthy and a absolute delight. Your help and expertise and obvious care and concern meant so much to us. Thank you, and I hope you have a lovely holiday and happy New Year!

Early Pregnancy Scan -21/12/2017
A.Oliver says:”Very pleased! I don’t think I have any constructive feedback I have had private scans at the Rosie in the past and would chose to come to you instead in the future.”

Early Pregnancy Scan – 14/12/2017
R.Attwood says:”We were very happy with our appointment. Very thorough and reassuring. We have booked another scan for later in the pregnancy”

4D-Gender Scan – 14/12/2017
L.Hanslip says:”Appointment was great as always, thank you.”

Growht Scan – 14/12/2017
A.Stachtea says:”My session yesterday was wonderful! The sonographer was amazing! She explained everything she was looking for and the reason why she was looking at it. She was very friendly and comforting having us relaxed throughout the session. Thank you for your services!!”

Early Pregnancy Scan -13/12/2017
A.Johnson says:”Thank you for a lovely experience, overall I felt the comfortable.”
It was refreshing, I was made to feel comfortable and everything was explained.

Pelvic Scan – 13/12/2017
W.Mohammed says: ”Hello. I hope you are good. By the way, my experience was good. I hope to share my experiences with people back home. Thank you”

Pelvic Scan – 11/12/2017
A.Cristea says:”My appointment for a pelvic scan at 4 months post CS delivery was brilliant as the other one which I had before while being pregnant. I will always recommend or return.

Dating Scan – 09/12/2017

R. O’Mahony says:”In response to your survey email, we found our experience very positive. Warm welcome upon arrival and sonographer had lovely gentle manner. Couldn‚Äôt be improved.”

Ultrasound of the Testes – 08/12/2017
N. Fairbairn says: ”It was excellent”.

Harmony Test – 04/12/2017
K. Powell says:”Wonderful experience- professional, calming and knowledgeable thank you.”

MSK – 26/11/2017
P.Lee says: ”I think it was obvious that I was very pleased with the experience, and finally getting some confirmation of the problem with my forearm.”

Second Trimester Reassurance Scan Р15/04/2017 
S. Robinson says:”We were really impressed with our visit to East Anglia Ultrasound yesterday. On arrival the staff gave us a warm welcome and we felt very comfortable and informed of the processes.
The sonographer was very professional and at the same time very personable, reassuring us and explaining her findings every step of the way. She offered us great reassurance and answered all of our questions.
It was an all round great experience and we were happy to come away with great picture and DVD of our scan.
We will definitely be booking a further scan in later pregnancy and would highly recommend to family and friends.

Early Pregnancy Scan -24/10/2017
R. Duroe-Mayo says: ”I had to write to tell you how great the service i recieved at your clinic was. Beatrice our sonographer was friendly, professional and reassuring. However, the stand out person was your truely delightful receptionist. Im so sorry i didnt catch her name, but she was beyond lovely. Warm, cheerful and welcoming. As anxious first time parents she was exactly the type of person youd want to encounter at a first scan. She’s a real credit to your organisation.Thank you for providing such a good service.”

Early Pregnancy Scan – 24/10/2017
S. Deacon says: ”Our appointment was great – the staff were lovely and welcoming and the service was excellent. We look forward to using your services again.”

Right Groin – 22/10/2017
L.Cuthbert says: ”Your service was very friendly, relaxing and efficient. Thank you.”

Early Pregnancy Reassurance Scan – 08/10/2017
K. Argasinska says:”My visit at East Anglia Ultrasound Services Ltd. on the 26th September was fantastic. Very comfortable waiting area, welcoming and friendly staff. The appointment was on time and went very well.
We will definitely recommend the service to our friends.

Harmony Test -05/10/2017
B. Critchley-Salmonson says: ”We had an absolutely fantastic experience with you and would highly recommend you to anyone.”

Harmony Test – 04/10/2017
M.Wisniewska says: ”Thank you so much for making me feel more than welcome during my recent visit! The appointment was a wonderful experience and should I ever need your scanning services again, I will certainly be more than happy to use them. If I may say so – hopefully it won’t be necessary – but you never know in life! I will certainly recommend your services to my friends in Cambridge.”

Early Pregnancy Scan – 04/10/1972
P. Hazell says:” Everything was great, thank you – warm welcome and great experience with the scan and the results. Thank you.

Early Pregnancy Scan – 01/10/2017


L.& M. Hanslip say:”The appointment was great. It wasn’t what we expected since we thought we were

slightly further along, but the fact that we get a follow up appointment later on this week shows that

the sonographer really cares about her clients. Both employees were very professional and kind.


We were impressed that you guys had parking. The decor was lovely and it gave a very cosy

feeling.¬†We will be coming back for scans throughout the pregnancy. ”

Harmony Test – 28/09/2017
H. Lee says: ”We also wanted to thank you for your outstanding service last week you really made the whole situation feel so much easier for the 48hours from when we found out our risk score to see you, we were on an emotional rollercoaster, the second we stepped into your building we instantly seem to relax the time and care you took with our scan really helped me personally reconnect with my baby and actually for the first time in 13 weeks relax and enjoy seeing the baby it’s been a tough and worrying pregnancy and you seem to take that all away in the hour we spent with you so thank you !!! ”

Abdominal Scan – 21/09/2017
L.Joubert says:”Everything was just perfect, thank you very much!

Harmony Test – 05/09/2017
B.Brett says:”My appointment was on Friday 1st September. I had received a phone call from the screening midwife telling me that I was in the high risk category for Down’s Syndrome.
The East Anglia Ultrasound Services were recommended for a blood test.We called at about 3:30pm and, despite being at the Queen Elizabeth hospital in Kings Lynn and at least an hour from the clinic, an appointment was made for the same day and we were told that they wait for us.
We couldn’t have been more relieved as we went on holiday on the 2nd!
The staff were friendly and professional, explained the procedure and what the test was for. We were offered drinks and the clinic felt welcoming and was clean.
Overall, my experience was excellent. I am a little unsure as to what fully being tested so perhaps this could be done in a more simplistic fashion. Obviously I’m acutely aware of the Down’s test but the other sex tests are a little blurry.
Thank you for being so calm and patient with me, even when I was not relaxed and you were struggling to take blood!

Second Trimester Reassurance Scan – 01/09/2017
D.Donelli says:”As mentioned yesterday, it was absolutely amazing!You all do an awesome job. Cannot wait to come back. See you soon and thank you once again.”

Pelvis Ultrasound Scan – 01/09/2017
D.Abbott says:”I had my first visit in August 2017 and I can honestly say, I’ve never felt so at ease or so well looked after . Vry kind and veru gentle as I was there for TV USS assessment. Extremely informative and caring throughout the whole appointment. Great premises and wonderful people. Thank you!”

Early Pregnancy Scan – 27/08/2017
V.G. says: ”What a lovely experience it was coming for my ultrasound, the sonographer was very warm, friendly and professional! She put me at easy when I was so stressed. Everything about the experience was positive: booking appointment, friendly welcome by reception staff, waiting area, up to date equipment, highly skilled sonographer and highly professional professional manner, even the setting for the company was calming.”
I am delighted with the service, thank you to Marites and the lovely man in reception( sorry I’ve forgotten your name)

4D Gender Scan – 27/08/2017
C. Goladarecena Severino says: ”Was amazing! I already wrote a review in your Facebook page. I’m so happy we went to your clinic, was a beautiful experience and I will recommend you and we will come back for our next ultrasound. Thank you very much !”

Pelvic Scan – 25/08/2017
E.C.Bonete says: ”I was very pleased with everything. Great welcoming and I got all the
information needed so well explained. I felt very comfortable. Good personalized service.”

Early Pregnancy Scan – 21/08/2017
E. Amooral says: ”Amazing service thank you!”

Harmony Test – 12/08/2017
B.Rhodes says:”I just wanted to say thank you very much to both Marites and Beatrice.
We booked an early pregnancy scan initially due to a previous loss at 12 weeks. Beatrice was very friendly, professional and reassuring. The whole experience from the booking, waiting for the appointment and then the actual scan was easy, relaxing and reassuring.
Then a month later we were back again for the Harmony test after getting high risk results from the NHS screening. I had no hesitation in contacting them for an appointment and was able to book in for the following day.
Marites did a detailed scan first of all, talking me through everything and reassuring me. The blood test was quick and simple. I came out feeling so much better about everything and thankfully our results a week later confirmed all was ok.
All the staff are fantastic and the whole experience felt very relaxing despite the reasons we were there.
Highly recommend and would come back for any future scans/tests if necessary.”

Early Pregnancy Scan – 16/08/2017
A. Yahoo says:” Excellent! Thank you very much.”

Early Pregnancy Scan – 11/07/2017
V.Williams says:”It was fantastic thank you, it was very kind of you to change my appointment at such short notice as it completely put our minds at rest.”

MSK – 09/07/2017
Lesley says:”Very pleasant/friendly experience and very informative, especially with the written report and the memory stick.”

Harmony Test – 06/07/2017
D.Aguilar says:”The standard of care was outstanding and everyone did everything to make us feel at ease.”

Growth Scan – 30/06/2017
M.Moore says:”Really great as always, welcoming, professional,informative,reassuring and friendly.”

MSK – 29/06/2017
Gina F. says:”My experience at East Anglia Ultrasound last week was a pleasant one as before! My children had a great time with toys and books, and we were made to feel like ”at home.”My technician was very knowledgeable, kind and professional. Thanks for the great experience!”

Early Pregnancy Scan – 26/06/2017
H.Mason says: ”Great, thank you, as always warm friendly welcome. We never feel rushed, very individual and personal appointment. I always recommend worth every penny.”

Harmony Test – 21/06/2017
M.Santos says: ”Excellent care, as usual!
Polite and caring staff, with good knowledge of what their are doing and who take time to explain details and answer any questions asked.
Thank you!

Early Pregnancy Scan – 10/06/2017

C.Usher says: ” It was very good. Everyone was super friendly. Thank you.”

Growth Scan 07/06/2017
E.Matthews says: ”You always fit us in at the last moment. A wonderful, detailed scan in a highly professional environment.”

Early Pregnancy Scan 06/06/2017
E.Russell says:”Excellent ! Fantastic service.”¬†

Early Pregnancy Scan06/06/2017
C.Helliwell says:”Fantastic service,thank you very much.”

Growth Scan- 22/05/2017
J.Chin says :”It was a very efficient service and Gwen was professional and reassuring. Thank you for your services.”

Upper and Lower Abdominal Scan -18/05/2017


L. Joubert says: ”I was very happy with the service, it was excellent in every way. Thank you.”

Harmony Test ,18/05/2017

Ana Silva says: ”I’ve loved! I think it was very professional and very dedicated to the patient. Everything was done with time and not in a rush, so we had enough time to discuss¬† any doubt. Everything has been explained to us very¬†clearly. Highly recommend.”

 Abdominal Scan, 10/05 2017


P.Hayward says: “I would like to say how friendly and professional I found my experience. I would very much recommend you to anyone.”

Anomaly Scan
Emma M. says: I’ve used this private clinic a number of times, for varying reasons. I’ve always had a lovely, information and peaceful experience. Highly professional and worth every single penny. You guys really do a wonderful job. Highly recommended.
Gender scan + Dating scan
Ella C. says: I used East Anglia ultrasound for my dating scan at 11 weeks, and have just been back this week at 17 weeks and had our 4D gender scan, the staff are amazing and very caring and friendly really making the moment special for myself and my partner I have already recommended them to all of my friends who are pregnant and will not hesitate to go back if I had any concerns throughout my pregnancy. A big thank you to Marites and Beatrice for making our scans so special. Ella Crook.
Growth scan
Angela B. says: The staff were superb! No waiting time, booked for a Saturday, which was really convenient for us. Everything was explained to us. Lovely experience! Would definitively recommend it!
Elizabeth D. says: We had a wonderful experience last week seeing our baby. From the moment of booking to leaving the building was perfect. Booking was easy and perfectly explained. Welcome was lovely and personal. Nice cup of tea and biscuits provided. Sonographer was calm, friendly and attentive. There was no rushing. All steps, measurements and pictures explained in detail. Also very attentive to my little boy who was present. Great pictures provided. A truly amazing and special experience one I would highly recommend to any new mummy or daddy to be xxx
Invaluable reassurance
Annie C. says: I’ve had two previous miscarriages, so when my nausea suddenly dropped off at 8 weeks, after a slight fever, I admit I was panicking. I managed to get an appointment on the same day, and the staff were immensely calm, friendly and professional. They checked a host of things, including heart rate, foetal location, etc, all of which were fine. A couple of days later I’m still feeling immeasurably calmer about the whole thing, and should be able to keep my stress levels down till the NHS scan!
Harmony Blood test
Annalisa W. says: The clinic was superb, from as soon as we arrived, through every step of the appointment the team at the clinic were friendly, reassuring and extremely professional. The clinic was very relaxing and we were very impressed with the obvious high level of expertise the sonographer had. We were impressed with the clinic and would use It again.
Reassurance Following Reassurance Scan
Danielle A. says: The clinic were most helpful and friendly, this was my second reassurance scan following the 37 pregnancy tests I had done to confirm my pregnancy, the clinic showed great understanding and took time to talk to me through all the details of the ultrasound which was great as I had lots of questions and have a real interest in the science behind it all, my partner says I have a bit of an obsession but what does he know 37 pregnancy tests is normal right?
Friendly, welcoming, empathethic
Francesca P. says: Couldn’t recommend them enough – easy to book, easy to visit and really fantastic when faced with challenging situations. Thank you…
Pelvic Ultrasound
Helen N. says: I can’t recommend the East Anglia Ultrasound Services enough. They were so kind, helpful and professional, putting me at ease straight away. I managed to get an appointment for the same day and the sonographer took her time to explain everything so well, I came away with a much clearer idea of my situation. I wouldn’t hesitate to use this service again.
Reassurance scan
Rosina P. says: We went for a reassurance scan at 6+ weeks. The personnel were really friendly and the sonographer was lovely, explaining us everything and letting us hear our little one¬īs heart beat! Totally recommended to put your mind at ease while waiting for the NHS 12 weeks scan.
Lav D. says: The appointment was done very fast and two days later we had the scan. It was done very thorough and professional. Thank you.
Calm and reassuring
Judith T. says: I came for my breast scan yesterday and Gwen was so calm and easy about everything. The scans were really helpful and gave me the information I was needing. A much nicer environment than the hospital!
Harmony test & 4d scan
Lauren T. says: We came for our scan yesterday and our harmony set, we were made to feel comfortable from the moment we walked through the door. Marites was lovely and very reassuring, the receptionist was lovely too.
Follicle tracking
Victoria K. says: Had such a fantastic experience both times I attended . Both Marites and the receptionist are so welcoming and the scans are so reassuring with a lot of knowledge . Thank you so much.
Early scan
Lucy O. says: Excellent service from both the clinic administrators, and our sonographer Marites who was reassuring, explained everything thoroughly, taking into consideration my particular history and circumstances. I would highly recommend this service.
Lovely staff and a great experience
Gosia D. says: We had a growth scan done at 32 weeks when my parents visited from abroad. The whole experience was lovely. Marites, our sonographer, has been fantastic and really friendly, explained everything in simple terms and did a thorough scan of the baby with all the measurements. I would recommend this clinic in a heartbeat!
Caroline W. says: I had a gender scan yesterday and was elated to find out that after having 4 boys, I’m having a little girl! It was easy to make the appointment, the staff are all incredibly friendly and helpful, and the waiting area is lovely, warm, and comfortable. The sonographer was very knowledgeable and took her time, explaining everything she could see. We even got to see our daughter in 4D which was simply amazing. Very highly recommended!
Early Scan
Laura L. says: I booked an appointment because still had 3 weeks left until my NHS one and I just couldn’t wait any longer. Sometimes you just NEED to know! I called up at 9am on a Sunday and had an appointment at noon the same day. They were so professional and welcoming! I would recommend them 100%!
The best Christmas present : )
Amy .. says: We managed to book an appointment for an early scan on Christmas Eve! I was 6+ weeks so naturally anxious about what we would see (if anything). Fortunately we saw a tiny embryo with a flickering heartbeat! It has made our Christmas! Thank you to Marites for being lovely and explaining everything throughly : ) I should think we will be back!
16 week reassurance and gender scan
Michele C. says: I couldn’t recommend EAUS enough. Marites was wonderful and showed us everything in detail. It was not only a delight to see our daughter bouncing around on the screen, but seeing there were no obvious or immediate health issues. We took away a lovely DVD keepsake and bag. I will definitely be returning after my 20 week scan on the NHS.
Early reassurance scan
Lucy G. says: I was very anxious before my scan but this was made easier by the comfortable waiting area and the very warm greeting we received. Our sonographer, Gwen, had a lovely manner and explained everything very clearly. If I feel the need to arrange another scan I will definitely return as I couldn’t recommend this place enough.
Reassurance US
Ella P. says: I managed to get an US the same day I called to book. Everyone who worked there was lovely and helpful. The lady doing my ultrasound took her time in showing me my baby and there was no rush. 10/10 and would definitely recommend.
Quick Turnaround and Fantastic Service
Michele C. says: We booked for the Harmony test the day after our 12 week scan and managed to get in the same day! The procedure itself was simple and painless (thanks to Marites). I received the results exactly 7 days after and was relieved to get the all clear. I would definitely recommend EAUS and will be going back for further scans before our 20 week scan.
Excellent service
Maria G. says: Very gentle and friendly staff. The quality of the 4D scan was excellent, very detailed. Everything was explained to me and they even gave me some advice.
16 week Gender Scan
Sophie M. says: Lovely place, friendly & professional service. Quality equipment & the sonographer took her time to explain the details as she went. Definitely be recommending!
Breast ultrasound
Rachel M. says: I received a very professional yet friendly service from Gwen, she was very thorough in her scanning and my mind was totally put at ease by not just her findings but her “bedside manner” too, she was absolutely lovely. I really recommend this clinic and will definitely come back if and when the need arises!
Found out my happy bundle is to be a blue one
Hannah K. says: Over the moon. They were so welcoming and kind. I felt more comfortable than when i was at the hospital. Great service and brilliant detail. They took time to show me everything. Best of all i have video to treasure .Highly recommended
Early Scan
Claire M. says: Fantastic experience, friendly staff and a welcoming atmosphere. I would recommend East Anglia Ultrasound to anyone. Much more detailed scan with no waiting time and no feeling of being rushed.
Harmony test… I would recommend to everyone
Joanne S. says: Excellent service, lovely welcoming people, quick results. When I found out I was high risk for downs syndrome the hospital suggested the harmony test and gave me details of East Anglia Ultrasound Services. Within 2 minutes on their website I was able to book a test for first thing the following morning. We were greeted by very friendly helpful staff who really put us at ease. I had another scan which was so much more detailed than the one I had had at the hospital a few days before and everything was shown to me and explained. Although it was a worrying time they made the whole experience enjoyable rather than difficult. I then had the stressful wait for the results…I had my test on a Friday and the following Wednesday evening I received the email with the good news! I am so pleased that Marites found it important enough to work late and send me those results so quickly and save me from another sleepless night. East Anglian Ultrasound Services made a difficult time a lot easier and I’m very glad I made the decision to go to them. I would certainly use them again and would recommend them to anyone.
Pelvic ultrasound
Vania S. says: Instead of waiting weeks to have it done through NHS I have booked with East Anglia ultrasound services in less than 24h. Had other quotes from other clinics double the price. Could not fault the service, the staff or the clinic installations in any way. Also no waiting times at all when arrived which is also very good. All very friendly and professional. Would recommend to anyone and attend again!
Early Pregnancy Scan
Leanne I. says: The staff were so very lovely and the clinic itself was so welcoming and warm. I couldn’t have asked for anything else. Excellent.
Reassurance ultrasound
Fiona P. says: One of my colleagues recommended East Anglia Ultrasound Services following my involvement in a car crash in Week 28. I was offered a scan within days and the reception team were really friendly and talked me through everything. On arrival, we were warmly welcomed and put at ease, our sonographer came out to discuss the process with us and went through what had happened checking relevant medical information. She talked us through what we could see on screen, answered all our questions and gave us a detailed report (that she discussed with us) to take away, along with images of our little one (who is thankfully absolutely fine)! I would highly recommend EA Ultrasound and would use again
Early scan


Louise s. says: Was really good experience and was lovely to be treated so well. Will be back at 10 weeks for tests and scan . Thank you.

Happy with the service
Kirsty R. says: Was very happy with the service I received. I rang at around 9 and was fitted in for the same day. The sonographer was lovely, very professional and explained everything fully. The scan was amazing with even a sneak peek at baby in 4d. I got a report to take away along with pictures. Would highly recommend. Little bit hard to find but the building itself is clean and comfortable. the equipment was clean.
Peace of mind
Sharon S. says: After being advised we were at high risk for Down’s syndrome and other conditions, one of the options our midwife gave us was having the Harmony test. We contacted east Anglia ultrasound and made the appointment for the following day. The staff were very friendly and put us at ease. The scan was so much more in depth and a lot clearer than at our local hospital. This alone put my mind at ease and then our results came back to us within 5 days and all is ok. I would not hesitate in using these again.
Dating Scan
Cloe A. says: Lovely, welcoming atmosphere. Made comfortable as soon as we entered by the staff. Beatrice took her time with the scan, explaining everything in detail and not rushing us. What was even better, was that we were welcome to bring our little boy along with us to see his brother/sister for the very first time. Highly recommend!
Gender USS at 16 weeks (twins)
Lara O. says: Beatrice, the sonographer, and the lovely receptionist went above and beyond our expectations to make a wonderful experience! I was quite nervous, due to a bleed the day before, and Beatrice really put us at ease and answered all our questions. We weren’t expecting it, but we were delighted to leave with a DVD as well as pictures of our twins. We highly recommend East Anglia US, they hit a perfect balance between professional and friendly.
Serenity Plus w/Scan
Kayla F. says: I was keen to get an NIPT test due to my age and being anxious with a first pregnancy. I had the scan first- I was so nervous that something was wrong, the NIPT wouldn’t be necessary! Well, the scan was great. Saw little fetus and a strong heartbeat and a 3d image. I couldn’t stop grinning and there was plenty of time to get a really good luck- no rushing. It’s notoriously difficult to get blood out of my arms, but Marites was so gentle I barely felt it!! Luckily my vein decided to give just enough for the vial. I’m still waiting for the NIPT results, but I feel much more reassured now. I also took away 3 awesome pictures and a helpful report which I can add to my file. The entire experience was calming and reassuring. Definitely worth it, and I would do it again in the future if needed.
Reassurance scan
Lucy S. says: I rang on the Thursday and was actually offered an app the next day which I wasn’t able to make so the next available day was the Sat.The lady o spoke to on the phone was very helpful and really friendly,she could tell I was anxious.I booked a reassurance scan as I wanted to know everything was fine before 12 weeks due to 2 previous miscarriages. On arrival the receptionist was very welcoming,offering tea and coffee whilst we wait.The sonographer was brilliant (Gwen).She made me feel at ease straight away showing us every part of our baby explaining what she was looking at.She even tried 4D for us but as severe 10 weeks it wasn’t very clear.Amazed that she even let us listen to the heartbeat.We were not rushed at all and I felt very well looked after.I would definitely recommend this centre and am thinking about booking another scan closer to my 16 weeks to get the same reassurance.
Early Scan
Danielle L. says: I was recommended here by a friend. I am only 8 weeks pregnant but wanted a scan for reassurance. We were so welcomed as soon as we walked through the door and looked after all the way through. The reception lady (i didn’t catch her name) was so lovely and friendly, and again so was Beatrice who performed our scan. If we have another private scan i would definitely come back here and would recommend anyone else to come here as well. Thank you so much.
28 weeks scan
Happy Mum S. says: Lovely service and very friendly staff. I wanted to check everything was OK and decided to have this scan. The sonographer ‘Beatrice’ was excellent, professional and very friendly. I would highly recommend East Anglia Ultrasound for anyone who wants a professional service at a reasonable cost.
Reassurance and Dating Scans
Anonymous M. says: I had two scans at East Anglia Ultrasound – the first at 6 weeks to rule out an ectopic, and the second at 12 weeks for dating so that we felt comfortable telling our families. Both scans were wonderful and worth every penny! The sonographers were both very kind, explained exactly what we were seeing and gave us lots of photos to take home. The reception staff was also helpful and welcoming. The facilities were lovely and clean and much less sterile than a hospital.
Ashleigh S. says: Went for the appointment on the same day, We went here for our dating scan, after several miscarriages we were nervous to say the least! I cannot praise this service enough, we were told quickly whether the baby had a heart beat, We didn’t feel rushed and the service and reassurance we had was brilliant! Was offered drinks and received photos and a report everything was shown and explained to us to! Definitely worth every penny and will be going back!
I am extremely grateful for such welcoming and professional service I have received at East Anglia Ultrasound Services. Their professionalism and care is second to none. I recommend it to anyone!!
Emma G.
I cannot rate this place enough. They are absolutely amazing. I had an early scan due to five back to back miscarriages. The scan couldn’t have gone better. I am having twins and they are both brilliant at 10weeks the lady even put it in 4d for us, I came away with ¬†photos of my twins. Felt very looked after and relaxed. Will be back in 6 weeks to find out the gender of my twins ūüôā thank you so much east Anglia ultrasounds !
Amazing services
Zuzana C. says: Got results from my midwife as high risk Down Syndrome baby. We called to book a private scan and blood test and the service was amazing from the first phone call until we left the clinic. They managed to fit me in for an appointment straight away and the receptionist was very helpful over the phone. The consultant reassured us and calm me down so quickly and I ended up with another scan photo of our baby as well ???? Got the results and everything is fine and this appointment was worth every penny. Thank you very much for looking after me
Excellent service, worth every penny!
Adele F. says: We booked the early pregnancy reassurance scan at 10 weeks. I was so impressed with the service, I booked the day before, the team were really friendly and the image quality was brilliant! I would definitely recommend this service. The warm ultrasound jelly was also a nice surprise! We got lots of lovely pictures to take away. I am so glad we made the appointment.
Such a huge amount of detail shared!
Hannah K. says: Having just gone through IVF for a 3rd time, after 2 natural miscarriages, we wanted reassurance that everything was going well with this pregnancy (currently 10 weeks). The sonographer we saw was excellent in her approach, professional with super interpersonal skills, and made sure that she did additional checks according to my medical history e.g. checking the ovaries were back to normal after IVF stimulation and checking blood flow to the placenta (I have APS). The scan was not rushed in any way and we were given the opportunity just to watch which was lovely!
Excellent service
Kim C. says: I found the staff so helpful both in the contact I had prior to my scan and when I went for the scan. The environment was warm, relaxed and very comfortable. The sonographer explained everything, took her time and I didn’t feel rushed. There was a great selection of toys which kept my son entertained so much so he didn’t want to leave. Overall I felt money well spent and I can’t recommend enough thanks!
Peace of mind scan for fertility
Jenny J. says: Warm and welcoming. A calming wait in a lovely furnished room. After having a missed miscaraiage at 9wks after 4 months we still have no luck of conceiving YET; I emphasise the ‘YET’ now because I was doubting being able to fall pregnant as like other women who have been through this will know what I mean and what goes through your mind. After being seen by Beatrice- whom is a lovely lady . I can say now it’s just a matter of time and luck . We saw a clear picture of my uterus and ovaries- which are if normal size. Which was very comforting to know . Lovely man on reception too. We shall return once we get pregnant !
Amazing service!
Lynn S. says: These ladies are phenomenal. They are great about getting people in on short notice and very knowledgeable. They answer questions patiently. Complete confidence in their ability. The office has a very good ambiance and privacy is respected in everything. Don’t go anywhere else.
Excellent care at a difficult time
Fabienne B. says: We were able to get an appointment on a bank holiday sunday very last minute which was amazing in itself. After suffering some bleeding at 12 weeks pregnant Marites did a scan for us and sadly our baby had died. She explained everything so well and she was very professional and kind. It was an awful situation but so happy that it happened there. Having been through this once before and finding out in a hospital this was a million times better. Would recommend them whole heartedly and hopefully we’ll be back again for some good news next time!
Rhi W. says: I have recently been in a lot of pain in my lower abdominal / pelvis area, after going backwards and forwards to the doctors surgery trying to get a thorough answer. I decided to book a private scan with the East Anglia ultra services, rather waiting weeks/months for NHS. I was very impressed with their friendly, professional, and sufficient approach. I saw a lovely lady who was very caring towards me, and she gave me the answers I needed to hear 2 weeks ago, which I feel has put me in the right direction to feeling better. Prices are extremely reasonable. Highly recommend.
Excellent service
Martha H. says: We booked on the same day. Everything was perfect, they are very supportive, calm, confident.
Sexing scan
Lizzy J. says: Booked an appointment for same day service. Very helpful and chatty staff, made me feel very at ease. Ultrasonographer must be very experienced and knowledgeable as we got every view and more of our twins. big comfy sofa too ūüôā
Fantastic service
Louisa G. says: I went for a reassurance scan here and the new location is really nice. The waiting room is pleasantly decorated with a comfortable sofa. They even offered us tea/coffee on arrival. We were thoroughly happy with the scan and the experience. Definitely recommend!
Reassurance Scan
Hollie R. says: Quick and easy to book.. Staff were so friendly, polite and caring. Money definitely well spent, would reuse again and recommend to everyone!! Thank you so much ūüôā
Restored our confidence with an Early scan
Maxine K. says: I had a terrible pain that lasted about 2 hours which wasn’t your usual cramping. I was nervous about having a miscarriage and wanted reassurance that everything was ok. I booked an appointment online at 7am for the same afternoon, so nice and easy! I was 6 weeks and 5 days and was able to see clearly the heartbeat and our little baby. The clinic was very relaxing and clean – Beatrice put us at ease and was very informative throughout the scan. We will definitely be going back in the future to do another scan. Thanks for a great experience!
Early reassurance scan
Dawn S. says: Booked an early reassurance scan due to bleeding, booking was really easy and hassle free. The sonographer was fantastic, took her time and was very informative throughout. I can now relax and enjoy my first pregnancy! We were so pleased with the service that we will be returning for a gender scan at a later date.
Early scan 8-9weeks
Ana M. says: My anxious was so big I couldn’t wait anymore. So I book by Internet, very easy and after 2 hours I did the scan. Very professional, a brilliant service. Really recommend. Thanks.
Gender Scan
Jo D. says: I absolutely recommend East Anglia for pregnancy scans! Staff were so professional, and caring and the sonographer was so informative and helpful. Never felt rushed during the scan Absolutely fab service.
Gender scan
Chloe C. says: We booked a scan to find out the gender of our first baby by 17 weeks, all of the staff were very friendly and attentive. We did want a 4D scan however baby wasn’t playing at the time which meant we were unable to get a picture, even though the sonographer tried. We felt we had plenty of time in the scan room and were given a range of different photos. The staff seemed very confident and knew what they were talking about, which then gave us confidence. Very happy with the service and would definitely recommend.
Angharad H
Angharad H. says: Wonderfully relaxed and professional service. All was explained in detail and we left feeling fully reassured and overjoyed. We were also able to book the same day!
Excellent service
Tat B. says: This place provides a truly excellent service-well worth the money that they charge. The sonographist was very knowledgeable , professional and friendly. She took good time to examine everything and to explain everything that she saw, totally different from nhs where they spend 5 minutes with you if not less. Very happy, will recommend, and will go back if needed!
Last minute scan
Kerry S. says: My partner and I rang from the Rosie after being let down by the wrong date of the scan, as you can imagine both of us were excited and anxious At the same time and to be told by the nhs they couldn’t fit us in for another mth we were so disappointed. We rang up here and they were able to get us in within a few hours! Wow so glad we did it, it was such a lovely relaxed environment, the lady really took her time with us and got some good pics! Will definatly return later on in my pregnancy! Thank you so much for fitting us in!!
Abdomen ultrasound
Mark S. says: Simply superb !!!!!!!!! Fast. Accurate info fantastic yearly check for health.
Gender scan/reassurance scan
Deanne W. says: Me and my husband where incredibly nervous to see if everything was ok with our growing baby. Once we arrived the atmosphere inside is calm, and relaxing. We felt reassured and offered a nice calming cup of tea whilst I filled out some paperwork. During the scan everything was perfect. We received such a kind and friendly service. We was told every little thing she was doing. We got to see our beautiful baby in 4D too. We received plenty of photos to cherish which was more than we expected. I would recommend this to everyone.t Thank you for my wonderful day, it was the best date me and my husband had with our baby so far.
Gender scan
Gemma h. says: i was not happy with the service we were provided me and my sister in law were both booked in on the same morning my sister in law was first and had good service! by the time it came to mine she was rushed and never even attempted to turn it to 4d which was paid for i was just told the baby isn’t in a good position my questions were unanswered and i was rushed out as quick as she good get me out not happy as it cost ¬£95.
Early Reassurance scan
Sjj C. says: Thank you for a professional service! Would definitely use again and recommend!
Reassurance scan
Fatimah B. says: We had our scan booked for 8 weeks due to 2 miscarriages earlier this year. They were really welcoming and really friendly. Beatrice was really thorough when doing the scan and explained everything and answered any questions we had. We have another scan booked for this week. Would definitely recommend for anyone wanting private scans.
Reassurance scan
Naomi P. says: So helpful, friendly and kind. Made us both feel welcome and involved. Would defiantly recommended and will use again!
Claire G. says: Very welcoming, fitted me in on the day and a overall excellent service!
Feeling relaxed.
Jordan H. says:¬†Write your reviewing but inked the scan due to a previous miscarriage, was very nervous going in. It was a lovely small place, was seen quickly. Everything was explained. Had my scan to confirm pregnancy, unfortunately I was a little eger and didn’t see very much but they offered a free scan as a follow up to see a heart beat in 2 weeks time. This means I get to see my baby again! The sconograpfher was lovely. Felt 10x better when I left. Would definitely do it again! Well worth the money.
Everyone should know about this place!
Beth D. says: After making several calls to local hospitals and clinic I almost gave up but then I found the online booking system for EAUS. Within a few minutes I had an appointment made for the next day. EAUS was easy to find, park and a very efficient and positive experience from start to finish. Currently very early in my pregnancy so very pleased to have found this great service.
Sherry L. says: A lovely welcome, friendly staff, very professional very reassuring something I will remember forever. We will be going back a few times during our pregnancy. Thank you so much.
Lovely, amazing place and amazing people
Samantha P. says: Having visited this place 3 times now, I can honestly say this place is amazing! such lovely people Marites is such a genuinely nice and calm lady! Your never rushed, all of your questions and worries are put to rest and nothing is too much trouble unlike the Rosie ultrasound centre. Well worth the money not only for peice of mind but for an amazing experience and not to feel like your just another number like with the Rosie. I will be booking again for a scan at 26 weeks and would recommend them to anyone in a heartbeat! I had a previous miscarriage at 21 weeks and just had a 16 week gender scan with this pregnancy, my mind is put to rest with all checked out and all my questions asked.
Early pregnancy/reassurance scan
Nikki W. says:¬†I first used EAUS over two years ago and they were wonderful. This time my husband and I visited to check on our little bean as we couldn’t wait until the 12 week scan. Having just suffered a second miscarriage we were anxious to see a heartbeat and know everything was OK. We saw Marites who was very welcoming, calm and professional. She took plenty of time with us showing us different views on the scan and she was very reassuring. I would not hesitate to use them again and would highly recommend their service.
Reassurance Scan
Jo C. says: A wonderful calm, clean friendly and professional clinic. As I suffer with pregnancy anciexty I visitied EAUS for a reassurance scan. All was very clear and well explained with a happy baby kicking around and lovely photo memories to take home. Could not recommend enough and already booked my next visit.
Early reassurance scan
Ruth k. says:¬†I was 10 minutes late because of traffic and they didn’t make a fuss, sometimes it can be awkward being late for things. I had two 3 year olds with me and they played happily in the room where I was scanned. Happy experience and would go again. Thank you.
4D gender scan
Charlotte B. says: Excellent service, lovley staff. Got to find out what sex our little one was. Great scan pictures. Was very reassuring to see our boy moving around and know he is doing well. Got to view in 4d also. Would recommend this place to everyone.
Early Pregnancy Ultrasound
Rachel C. says:¬†After 6 years of being infertile and undergoing IVF 4 years ago without success, to our absolute astonishment I discovered last week that I was pregnant! I had absolutely no idea how far along I could have been due to irregular periods, I was so worried about it all that I needed to have an ultrasound at EAUS to put my mind at ease. Marites was absolutely lovely, very professional, but warm and welcoming too – I think she was even more excited about the pregnancy than us! All-in-all a great service, very highly recommended and no doubt we will be back there soon to keep an eye on the 6 week beating bean ūüôā
Highly recommended!
Daphne T. says:¬†With two previous miscarriages, we were evidently really anxious once we got a positive pregnancy test. We couldn’t wait for the one scheduled by NHS at 12 weeks and wanted to know if all was going well. We’ve visited them thrice so far, the first two with Beatrice and the last one with Marites. All three visits were handled very professionally, and we never once felt rushed. We were always given private time to coo over the pictures at the end. The last scan at 16 weeks with Marites was particularly joyful as she patiently took multiple 3d scans for us and explained everything we were seeing. She seemed even happier than we were, looking at the images. It was money well spent and I’d recommend them in a heartbeat.
Harmony test and scan.
Claire B. says:¬†After finding out I’m high risk for downs from the NHS decided to book a harmony test as didn’t want to risk miscarriage with the NHS test. I got an appointment the next day, the staff were very friendly and welcoming they spoke through everything with me. They carried out a very in depth scan even showed me 4d pictures which I was t expecting, got lots of print outs and they even managed to tell me at 15+4wks it’s a girl after she finally uncrossed her legs. Just got to wait for blood test results now but no matter what the outcome is I would definitely recommend them.
Gender and 4d scan
Jemma C. says:¬†After not getting results and care from our hospital we called to make a private appointment. So glad we did. Was worth every penny. They were friendly and for the first time in 20 weeks of pregnancy I felt happy and content. Myself and my partner have already recommended friends here and will continue to do so. Can’t thank them enough. Brilliant!
Early scan
Marie-Laure P. says: Eight months ago we had a miscarriage due to an empty gestational sac. We only find out at 11 weeks during the Harmony test scan. This time we wanted to know at 7 weeks if everything was alright. The service at was very friendly and professional. We had previously gone to a private clinic in Harley street (London) and found East-Anglia Ultrasound to be as professional and more intimate + personalised which we really appreciated in such a sensitive time. Thanks!
Reassurance scan
Tina C. says:¬†Straight away I felt at ease and that was just booking the appointment. I had some worries about my pregnancy before my scan so I called and they fitted me in that day. Apon arrival I felt very welcome. The sonograher sat with me and asked me what my concerns were after filling in a few bits of paper I was taken through to a very comfortable room. Straight away I was shown my baby’s heartbeat and reassured everything was fine, I was talked through everything I was looking at and what she was looking for. I was so happy with the service I have booked a appointment at 16 weeks to find out the gender of my baby. I would recommend to anyone to use this service.
Harmony Test
14/ 09/15
Heather G. says:¬†We had a fantastic experience at this clinic. I phoned on Friday and they squeezed us in on Sunday which was great as I was worried and wanted to get the test done as soon as possible. The receptionist was very friendly and the waiting area is comfortable. We were seen on time and the sonographer was really friendly and put us at ease. She did a scan first which was fantastic. We’ve only just had our 12 week NHS scan but this one was so much better quality and more detailed, she even did a little bit in 4D which was great. It was much more reassuring than the NHS scan. She then did the blood test and was so gentle I hardly noticed the needle go in. She then printed several photos for us including a 4D one which I wasn’t expecting. The harmony test is expensive but with the whole experience being so good and the reassurance of the accuracy of the test it is definitely worth the money. We’re definitely thinking about going back when we’re due our 20 week scan.
4D scan (28-32 weeks)
Lucia C. says: Whole experience was so lovely. I called reception and male receptionist gave me lots of information about the process and what they do as a clinic. I called on Friday and I had 4D scan appointment on Sunday. It was pleasant surprise for me as not many clinic operate over the weekend and sometimes you wait for weeks to get it done. On our arrival we received warm welcome and we have been offered drinks while waiting. The sonographer was very nice and talk as through everything from start to finish. She even scan our naughty baby for bit longer as she wanted to give us the best possible picture, which we are so thankful for. We took home amazing experience, video DVD and around 45 pictures in USB + 3 printed. We were so happy afterwards that I just can not express how wonderful the whole 4D scan was. I highly recommend this clinic and specialLY  4D scan. We had a lots of fun there and we went home filled up with such a joy. THNAK YOU!!! x x x Lucia and Michal
Combined scan
Laura Y. says: From start to finish it was a lovely experience. The lady that did the scan explained everything in detail and made us feel at ease.
Great Service!
Ines R. says: After having a scare on Monday night, I was able to book a scan next Morning. Beatrice was absolutely great and spent time scanning and explaining what we were seeing. She reassured me with a lovely explanation. Welcome drinks offered, free car park, nice and peaceful atmosphere. Really enjoy it. Highly recommended.
Very early scan
Marti J. says:¬†The lady who did my scan was really lovely. She answered all my questions and explained things very well. I am going back next week to check size, growth etc, she told me she would be doing the scan, so I know whom I’m meeting next week. Not expensive either. I would definitely ¬†recommend East Anglia Ultrasound Services to anybody.
4D Growth scan

Ramona C. says: Even though we were one week later for a 4D, we still could see out little boy pretty well and were very impressed and happy. Nice service and good images. I recommend it to anyone and maybe use it in future if needed again. Wish you all the best.
Gender  scan

Farrah S. says:¬†We decided to have a 16 week gender scan simply because we felt the wait between 12 & 20 weeks was too long. And I’m impatient! We were recommended to Come here by some close friends. We’re glad we did. We were offered drinks on arrival and the reception staff were very friendly. The sonographer was very nice. We got to see lots of our baby. She pointed out all of the major organs and we heard the heartbeat again. Very thorough and informative. The ultrasound gel was even warm!!
Harmony Test and Scan
Jane H. says:¬†We found out at my NHS 20 week scan that our baby girl has a heart defect. After a diagnosis from Gt Ormond St that her condition is fixable but is sometimes linked to Down’s Syndrome and other chromosome abnormalities, we decided to get a Harmony Test done as we didn’t want to risk our baby by having an amnio. My NHS Down’s screening was low risk but apparently they are only 80-85% accurate and the Harmony is 99.9%. Upon arrival we were offered a drink which was very welcomed! The room was clean and comfortable with plenty of toys for our 15 month old son. We had plenty of time to go through the information and fill out forms etc. The scan was detailed and the sonographer showed us everything including our baby in 4D which was amazing and reassuring as her face was perfect with a good nasal bone. We also got 2 photos. Overall, a very pleasant experience and cheaper than most other places offering a Harmony test. Thoroughly recommended.
Brilliant service, welcoming and efficient!
Samantha G. says: Upon arrival of the department I was instantly offered a hot drink and was seated on comfortbale furnishing, went through the documentation which was all explained, waiting time was not long at all and both the receptionist and the sonographer were lovely. The equipment used was very modern and clear, she determined the sex of the baby within minutes and showed us the heartbeat and movement of the baby aswell as confirming everything was okay with her! Brilliant service, would definitely recommend! Cost is extremely reasonable as well!
Harmony Test
LR T. says: As an older lady I booked a harmony test for screening for Downs Syndrome. Booking was easy and efficient. The receptionist and sonographer were very welcoming and professional. There was plenty of time for questions about the test and during the scan. Being able to park for free on site was a big bonus.
Combined screening

Deborah S. says: Very professional, warm and reassuring service. They were very accomodating and the room was spacious and had plenty of toys to occupy my near 2 year old. I received a detailed explanation throughout. Thank you very much.
Reassurance scan
Sarah A. says:¬†After conceiving by IVF we booked a reassurance scan for 10 weeks. The sonographer was brilliant, spent pretty much the full half hour looking at baby! She did all the relevant measurements and spent time showing us eg baby’s hands. We definitely felt reassured after scan
Early Pregnancy Scan
Marina B:¬†It was really easy to book the reassurance scan on the weekend and the treatment and service we received was very professional. Beatrice talked us through the scan and explained all she could see and what she couldn’t confirm due to the early stage of the pregnancy (7 weeks + 6 days). We were happy to be able to see the embryo, hear and measure the heartbeat. Overall, very pleased with the experience, definitely recommend it.
4D growth scan 
Ashleigh S. says:¬†Service was mediocre. The first sonographer didn’t seem particularly confident and so another lady took over part way through. Throughout the scan we were given very little information on how baby was doing and the process / steps they were taking, though we were given a report at the end of the scan. The office was nice – very clean and comfortable – and it was easy to book an appointment with plenty of availability same day or next.


9 week pregnancy scan


Jessica K. says: We booked a scan at 9 weeks for reassurance after having had a miscarriage earlier in the year. We were welcomed warmly upon arrival and were seen promptly by Marites. Our 2.5 year old son also received a warm welcome and played happily with the many toys in the scanning room for the duration of the appointment. Marites was highly professional, caring, and provided a great deal of expert information/explanation throughout the scan. She took the time to discuss my pregnancy and my past experiences and made us feel at ease. We had a great, relaxing and reassuring scan and would definitely recommend East Anglia Ultrasound Services without hesitation.
Friendly staff eased a worrying time
Friendly staff eased a worrying time
Alice D. says:¬†The sonography was really friendly and helpful and took the time to talk us through everything she could see and show is close ups and more detail. For all the measurements she took she showed us where we were v’s the average and really took a lot of care to do her job thoroughly whilst also talking to us and reassuring us over what she was looking at.
Jo d. says:¬†Very friendly and professional, I had a severe allergic reaction and given drugs contra-indicated in pregnancy but wasn’t allowed another nhs scan despite not being reassured the drugs I was given would mean the baby was ok. The doctor said “fingers crossed” to me which worried us more so we booked a scan here to make sure everything was ok. The lady was brilliant and showed us so much detail and was even able to tell us the gender even though we’re only 14 weeks. Excellent service, friendly and reassuring, would definitely recommend.
Family event
Sam B. says:¬†We had a 4d gender and reassurance scan at 17 weeks. We had both sets of parents with us, it was an amazing experience to share with them, the whole thing was so professional and just perfect to be honest ūüôā
Gender Scan
Camila L. says: We went to our anomaly scan with the Nhs and they were unable to see baby gender and measure him properly as well as checking for heart arteries and kidneys . As that worried us we decided to book a scan straight away to make sure baby was ok rather then waiting 2 more weeks and I am glad we did. The service we received was way more than what we paid. Marites was great not only did she see the baby gender she was able to see all the other bits NHS was unable to see. She was informative and so friendly. Definitely recommend and use them in the future.
Just ok
Kate C. says:¬†Booked for an early pregnancy scan. After reading all of the positive reviews I was expecting much more than what I received. Service was ok, scan was ok I wouldn’t say I Was given an in-depth description in fact I would say the lady said only about 10words during the scan. Also i struggled to understand what she was saying at points. I have had a previous early scan at another place which was much more detailed and friendlier., the photos were of a better quality and I received a DVD with the baby on. BUT The most important thing was all was fine and there was a heartbeat.
Very very happy couple!
Ellen H. says:¬†We searched online for private scans as didn’t want to wait for 12+ weeks for an NHS scan, and both needed some reassurance after a previous eptopic pregnancy. We felt welcomed as soon as we entered, and were seen quickly even though we arrived early. The lady who did the scan was lovely, she talked us through everything we were seeing on the screen and really was very reassuring. Unfortunatly baby was too small to see a heartbeat, but 4 scan pictures and a written report were given, and we were asked to return in a week’s time free of charge to rescan. This time good news, a heartbeat was found straight away. Was a lovely experience from start to finish, we will 1000% be returning!! Very professional, very helpful and thoroughly recommended!!
Reassurance scan
Giulia L. says:¬†Booked a reassurance scan as didn’t want to wait until 13+ weeks to get mine through the NHS. I am 7+4 weeks pregnant, had my scan yesterday at 7+3 and saw our little “blob” and heard his/her heartbeat which was reassuring. size and speed of heart were good so felt reassured by scan. Beatrice was lovely!
Early scan
Smith J. says:¬†Having fretted for the first few weeks of my pregnancy at a very stressful time at work and with my mother very unwell, ¬†I decided to book an early can at 9 weeks to put my mind at rest as I was so worried I was harming the baby. The team at EAUS were so professional and kind. The scan went very well and we saw our beautiful little miracle. Such an amazing experience and worth every penny. I’m currently waiting my NHS 12 week scan date but am sure I will be booking another private scan with EAUS before too long as I was so impressed. Thank you so much.
Viability scan
Leela B. says: A warm professional welcome and put me entirely at my ease at an anxious time. I would not hesitate to recommend Marites Doniego Cross and East Anglia Ultrasound Services.
Reassurance scan
Rhiannon S. says: I could not recommend Marites and the company enough. She was so welcoming, kind, thorough and professional and made me feel at complete ease through the duration of the appointment. Luckily we received good news, but had it been bad news I can think of no other professional who I would have preferred to deliver the news due to her compassionate and caring nature, as well as the peaceful setting. It has been such a reassurance to see our 9 week old baby at this early stage and I would recommend it for anyone who would like to put their mind at ease.
Gender Scan
Hannah D. says: Excellent service, extremely reassuring, great prices. Highly recommend.
Reasurrance scan
Tracey R. says: Write your reviewfantastic service, had a scan on Sunday to check all was ok after a previous miscarriage, Alison was fantastic and very reassuring. Had a bleed on Tuesday and went for another scan on Wednesday and was again a fantastic service. Heartbeat was shown straight away and even managed to see baby in 4d.        


How lovely!

Jenni O. says: We came for a 4D scan yesterday and as I am 33 weeks we were worried we wouldn’t be able to see much but were very lucky as we got some fantastic photos and the sonographer was great at getting these for us. She was excited as we were and really showed attention to us of course which you don’t get from the hospital scans. Would definitely recommend east anglia ultrasounds for a personalised professional experience to anyone.



Anna D says;  The staff were all very helpful and attentive. the place looked smart and professional. Also the fact that they are open on the weekend is great. I went there to have a reassurance scan and it was really great to get an appointment the next day. Price is reasonable to compares well to some other private providers




Kim H. says:¬†I booked an early reassurance scan (9wks 4 days) just so that I could check everything was as it should be. After many sleepless nights and constant worry I’ve finally woken up today feeling excited to be pregnant. Beatrice was very welcoming and made us a cup of tea before the scan. The room was set up beautifully and when I heard the words ‘ well there’s definitely someone in there’…. I felt amazing. She showed us everything in detail and took a few photographs. Beatrice explained everything clearly and took measurements to give us an EDD. I will use East anglia ultrasound again, in fact I wish I could go every week just to see our baby! Excellent idea for worried mums!
Gender Scan


Kayleigh C. says: The lady who performed our scan was very good and friendly, it was lovely seeing our baby and feel confident that he is definitely a boy!! I did hope to get a 4D picture to take away but due to his size at just over 16 weeks apparently my placenta was in the way.
Great and quick service
Joy R. says: Making the booking was quick and quite stress free. I was able to change my booking numerous times due to a delayed start to my cycle and this was accommodated every time. Good central location, tranquil surroundings, Marites is very personable, approachable and good at putting one at ease.
Emily Mackay
Emily m. says: We booked an early scan after a previous misscarriage for reassurance. The scan went extremely well and we saw our 7 week 1 day baby very clearly and a strong heartbeat Marites was so kind , professional and extremely knowledgeable. Worth every penny. Thank you so much.
Peace of mind


Kim H. says:¬†I booked an early reassurance scan (9wks 4 days) just so that I could check everything was as it should be. After many sleepless nights and constant worry I’ve finally woken up today feeling excited to be pregnant. Beatrice was very welcoming and made us a cup of tea before the scan. The room was set up beautifully and when I heard the words ‘ well there’s definitely someone in there’…. I felt amazing. She showed us everything in detail and took a few photographs. Beatrice explained everything clearly and took measurements to give us an EDD. I will use East anglia ultrasound again, in fact I wish I could go every week just to see our baby! Excellent idea for worried mums!
Great Service
Andrew E. says: These people provide a thorough, professional and friendly service.
Gender Scan
Angela K. says: We used this service for the second time! We had first a reassurance scan and now a gender scan! We were very happy both times with the service provided! Lovely staff, helpful and professional! We will defenitely recommend the company!
Screening for Downs Syndrome
Deborah J. says: Hi I was 18 weeks +3 days and had screening due to my age 39 years. First ultrasound was not able to take measurments and no alternative given. After blood test I was told my chances were 1 in 150 so decided to have a private blood test. The treatment was quite expensive but the relief knowing I would have an answer that was done in a safe manner was well worth the money and zero risk to my baby. The stafff were lovely, professional and made you feel like the only patient they had. Highly recommended, just waiting for results which take 14 days so hope to have these at the end of the week.
Pelvic Scan
Stephanie B. says:¬†I am so happy with the service I received from this clinic. The doctor had recommended a scan but I didn’t want to wait several weeks for an appointment on the NHS for various reasons. I phoned up and was able to schedule a scan with Marites for later the same day. The sonographer was very friendly and professional, putting me at ease and explaining all her observations. I was so pleased with how thorough she was, and felt that I could take the time to ask all the questions I had and not feel rushed. The pricing was very reasonable, the facilities new and clean, and the location very convenient. I received a full report and images to take back to my GP. I would definitely recommend East Anglia Ultrasound Services.
Very reassuring
Hv H. says: As a GP I know the importance of a late stage scan to check on the well being of a pregnancy. As this is not offered by the NHS I was more than happy to arrange this privately and found the team at East Anglia Ultrasound to be incredibly professional and knowledgeable. Online booking was very straight forward, parking was easy and we were seen on time. Marites was able to explain the scan findings in detail and provide us with much needed reassurance. Our 20 month old son who came along was also very well catered for. We would definitely recommend and use their services again.
Combined screening for down syndrome
Kathryn M. says:¬†I was so glad to find somewhere that would do the test for me at short notice. Due to various mix up’s at my doctors & hospital I had managed to get to 13w5d with still no sign of a scan appointment even though the final date for an accurate scan is 13w6d. I had worked my self in to a nervous panic which soon disappeared on entering the building. We were greeted by a lovely spanish lady who helped to put me at ease almost immediately. Then two more smiling faces (midwife & sonographer) came to greet us, help fill out our forms and then take blood. The scan itself was a very relaxed and unhurried process, which was so helpful as the baby wasn’t cooperating and staying still enough to get the relevant measurements, our appointment overrun because of this, but we were never made to feel under pressure, it would take as long as it needed to get a reading. I can guarantee my hospital would not gave been so patient. Marites & her midwife must have seen so many scans of babies over the years, but I was very touched that they were both so enthusiastic about what they were doing and seeing. Private may not be cheap, but on this occasion you definitely get what you pay for, which is more than worth it for peace of mind.
Professional and Informative
Jason R. says: My wife had an upper & Lower abdominal Scan as she had previous concerns (non pregnancy related), Marites spent time on every aspect of the scan, clearly explaining in Laymans language. A full detailed report was quickly typed up along with photos & CD. An excellent service in pleasant surroundings. Would most definitely recommend !! Thank you Marites and her team !!
Reassurance scan at 11 weeks
Fiona M. says:¬†We booked with East Anglian Ultrasound after I experienced a small bleed and the local hospital couldn’t see me for 2 days, unfortunately it was bad news for us but so worth it. We just wanted to know what was going on as soon as possible, and Marita and her team were great arranging an appointment later the same day. My 14 month old son also had to attend the appointment but he was kept entertained with the wonderful toys in the consultation room. The surroundings were tastefully decorated and tranquil. I would certainly consider using you if we are lucky to get pregnant again, even though we had quite a drive to get to you. Thank you.
Reassurance 4d scan
Chila C. says: Very good, booking was very easy and location perfect in our neighborhood. Professional and friendly sonographer and receptionist. They even offered us to come back to get better photos, so we got to see our baby twice, and got nice photos printed, on usb and dvd. Thanks.
Reassurance scan
Alice S. says: A very professional service with a very kind and sensitive sonographer: for us this made all the difference. I rang for an appointment on Friday morning and was seen by Friday lunchtime, which was really helpful.
Reassurance Scan at 10 weeks
Angela K. says: Brilliant service! Appointments are easily booked! Marites was very friendly, welcoming and helpful. We definitely would go back for another scan! We received 5 images of the baby and a good report! We were very happy with the service provided!
Very nice kind an welcoming
Amber M. says: Brilliant place !! Got a perfect picture of my baby at Just 7weeks 1day!!!!
East Anglia is the best and most caring scanning center.
Nana W. says:¬†. I went for an emergency scan after a slight bleed and found out my baby had died. What will remain with me was the compassion and love of the sonographer. I couldn’t have picked a better place for my scan. She gently told me the news and she gave me the warmest hug possible. Their office was tastefully furnished and tranquil which helped. It’s funny what helps calm you down sometimes. If I am lucky again to get pregnant again I will find do my scans here. Thank you east Anglia for your compassion and care. From a very heartbroken lady.
Pelvic scan
Tee H. says:¬†Great location, excellent location. Saved me travelling to London for my scan and the results were emailed to me immediately. If only they offered same day blood tests as well, they’d be on to a winner!
Gender scan…….It’s a boy!
Laura P. says:¬†Marites was lovely and so good at explaining everything. I didn’t feel rushed at all and she spent ages trying to get the perfect shot. Would definitely recommend and perhaps come back for a 4d scan at a later date. Hidden gem in Cambridge.
Reassurance scan
Sam B. says:¬†We had a great experience using this service for the first time. Marites put us at ease straight away. I was very apprehensive after a previous missed miscarriage and couldn’t wait for the NHS scan. When looking for scanning options online, EAUS was the most reasonably priced, free car parking, easy booking and the service was second to none. The place was beautifully furnished and little extras like real hand towels made me feel extra special. Thank you!
Reassurance UUS
Louisa S. says: Marites was kind, understanding and exceptionally welcoming throughout the whole experience. We decided to have an early scan following my experience of 2 bouts of spotting between 7 and 9 weeks and a previous miscarriage. The setting was relaxing even in the anxiety fueld situation on my part. Marites gave us all the time we needed, she was thorough, providing clear information regarding the development of our baby and possible causes for the spotting I had experienced. We were both very relieved and reassured by the information shared. The whole service was very professional and provided a very positive experience. I would recommend this service to anyone.
Experience was amazing!
Samantha L. says:¬†We went for a gender scan at almost 16 weeks, although this was out 4th baby it was our first experience with a 4D scan but was thrilled, found out we’re expecting a little girl and marites checked over and over to make sure, we were made to feel welcome and relaxed and took her time with the scan and pointed out exactly what we were looking at all the way through, we got lots of pictures to bring away and we left feeling amazing, would recommend this clinic to anyone.
Ellen M. says: Went for a sexing scan yesterday was best experience ever u feel so welcomed and comftable and even saw my perfect girl in 4d thank you for the perfect experience will be coming back For a 4d scan thanks Ellen xx
Very good service
Karen C. says: Was able to book an appointment for a Sunday. Lovely place. Peaceful and nice atmosphere. Sonography really warm and welcoming with professional manner. Would recommend.
Gender Scan
Ayisha S. says:¬†It was easy to find very relaxing and soothing and my son loved sitting there playing while I was being scanned I’ve recommended it too a few ladies to go back I’m happy that she explained everything in detail and made me feel very relaxed I got a lot of pictures and I’ll be going back for more appointments
First trimester screen
Carly S. says: I had travelled a long way for the appointment and unfortunately was given the wrong address for the appointment which meant chasing across town to the new place and arriving late. The sonographer luckily waited and the service was otherwise good. If you are booking here just double check the address as they have recently changed location.