Dear mums,
East Anglia Ultrasound Services is pleased to introduce you a new fantastic service.

Being a mother is probably one of the greatest experience for a woman, but it can also be stressful and some people might experience a trauma.

What situations lead to birth trauma and PTSD?

Any situation where the mother has felt under threat of death or serious injury to herself, her baby or to her physical integrity. The experience of birth trauma and PTSD is unique to the individual woman, her experience or perception of her birth, and not merely the objective view or style of delivery.

At East Anglia Ultrasound Services we do care about your health and we want you to have the best out of this experience. That’s why we are really pleased to introduce you to Helen Graham, a certified Birth Trauma Resolution practitioner.

Helen Graham


How to know if this service could be useful for you? 

Are you re-living aspects of the trauma?

  • Flashbacks (feeling like the trauma is still happening)
  • Intrusive thoughts or images
  • Nightmares
  • Feel anxious or panicky when you think of your birth
  • Increase in physical symptoms like asthma, IBS & migraines


Do you avoid feelings or memories?

  • Avoid thinking of the trauma because it is too distressing
  • Avoid activities, places or people that remind you of the birth
  • Find it hard to remember important aspects of your birth
  • Lost interest in activities you used to enjoy
  • Disconnection from family and friends
  • Unable to express loving feelings towards child, family or friends
  • No hopes or positive thought about the future


Are you experiencing alertness or feeling on edge?

  • Difficulty falling and staying asleep
  • Feel irritable and experience anger outbursts
  • Find it difficult to concentrate
  • Constantly watching for danger
  • Constantly feel jumpy
  • Self destructive behaviour or recklessness


If what mentioned above is all very familiar to you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Helen:

Tel: 01234 378992

Mob: 07546560164


Helen will be more than pleased to discuss your situation with you and any other person involved. In fact, BTR practitioners are trained to work with mothers, fathers and birth companions. They also offer treatment for midwives, obstetricians and health visitors suffering from vicarious trauma after witnessing and listening to the horrors of a traumatic birth.

How many treatments will you need?

Helen is trained in solution-focussed therapy offering you great results, often in as little as 1-4 treatments.

I guess at this point you are curious to know what Helen will do.

Helen is trained to:

  • Listen to your unique birth experience in a sympathetic an non-judgemental way
  • Teach you breathing techniques to help you relax and reduce symptoms of anxiety and panic
  • Offer you a personalised guided visualisation/relaxation download to listen to after the session
  • Dissolve the strong negative emotions attached to the memory of your birth so that you can remember your birth without experiencing feelings of anxiety and panic.
  • Help rebuild your confidence after the trauma
  • Help you rebuild relationships and get your life back on track.


What do people say about Birth Trauma Resolution?

“One outcome that I didn’t expect was the amazing effect on my dealing with the trauma and hurt from the past, in particular dealing with the acute grief that I still felt from the loss of the twins and the experience in the hospital the days before losing them and the emergency treatment after.”

RB –  Northampton – IVF patient

“The treatment removed the terror and sadness that haunted me from my first birth and reignited my confidence and desire for a natural birth. My second birth was a wonderfully empowering experience which wouldn’t have been possible without this treatment.”

SD – Dunstable

What do people say about Helen’s work?

“My experience with coming to Helen was incredible. The treatment was very personal and not once did I feel pressured to give details if I wasn’t happy. Helen was very understanding all they way through and the first person to really listen to how I felt and how I was still feeling. Helen explained everything to me step by step and made sure I was totally comfortable with the whole rewind process. The rewind process was strangely very calming. It was the first time I felt safe when looking back at the birth experience. Helen was very good at getting me into the relaxed state and breathing techniques that I felt so calm and relaxed, but ready to deal with  my emotions. Since my birth with J., any hospital treatment has petrified me and caused me to be physically sick and even cancel a wisdom tooth operation as I was petrified to walk back into an operating room. But after the remind I have taken a massive step, which I feel very positive about and  made an appointment with the dentist to start the tooth operation process again. I’m so proud of myself for this and cannot thank Helen enough. What an amazing lady she is! Another big problem for me after the birth of each child is that I felt guilty for having post-natal depression, which was brought on by the anxiety of the hospital and traumatic birth experience. I felt like I didn’t enjoy my children and babies. This made my head going into orbit and made me think I wanted a third child to prove to myself that I can enjoy a newborn child after birth and wanted to feel the happiness of a newborn that I saw others had. After the rewind I have not thought about needing or wanting another child. It has made me happy and content with the 2 healthy children I have. It has been a long, emotional five years, but I can finally feel a positive outcome and a release of a wasted emotional that I carried around.
Thank you, Helen! You are an amazing lady, with a special gift and I know you will be a great help to many other mums!”


“I can’t thank Helen enough for her help and support. The therapy has made and incredible difference to how I feel and after 3 sessions I’m no longer struggling with the issues I had around the labour. I only wished I’d found out about the treatment sooner –  and I would definitely recommend it to anyone struggling with birth-related issues”.


Don’t wait any longer! Get fast and effective treatment for birth trauma and PTSD!

You are not alone! The Birth Trauma Association estimates that 10,000 women in Britain each year are treated for PTSD as a result of a traumatic birth.

BTR therapy is designed to offer quick and effective relief from the hugely debilitating symptoms of birth trauma and PTSD. Helen will use tools and techniques that will help turn a trauma memory into an ordinary functioning memory, leaving you to enjoy motherhood and family life.

Helen is a highly qualified birth professional:

  • Registered Midwife with 25 years of experience
  • Certified Birth Trauma Resolution Practitioner
  • Member of Royal College of Midwives
  • Holistic Therapist MGBT (Member of Guild of Beauty Therapist)


Helen’s skills also extend to pregnancy massage. As a qualified therapist, she can offer relaxation massages in pregnancy after the first trimester, which can be beneficial on a physical and emotional level.

What else?… Welcome Helen at East Anglia Ultrasound Services!

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