Antenatal Screening Tests

Blood Test (Price variable)

Harmony Test , NIPT (from 10 weeks) £450
Harmony A non-invasive test that assess the risk for chromosome condition such as Down’s Syndrome (T21), Edward’s Syndrome (T18) , Patau Sundrome (T13) and includes optional analysis of foetal sex and sex chromosome (X,Y) conditions.

Includes blood test and scan.

Blood_Test Antenatal blood screening, tumour markers, thyroid functions, hormones, women’s and men’s health screens.

Vision is a highly sensitive prenatal test that can be carried out as early as 10 weeks into a pregnancy, using just one simple blood draw. Vision measures the baby’s DNA that circulates in woman’s blood during pregnancy. This test measures the number of chromosome copies in the woman’s blood which can be related to conditions such as:Down’s Syndrome (T21); Edward’s Syndrome (T18) ; Patau’s Syndrome (T13) and sex chromosome testing. This test can also identify sex chromosome conditions including:

Turner Syndrome (Monosomy x) ; Triple x (XXX); Klinefelter Syndrome (XXY) and Jacob’s Syndrome (XYY).