Pregnancy Scans

Early Scan ( 5-10 weeks) £95
Early_Scan Primarily a reassurance scan, to identify the location of your pregnancy and the number of foetuses. From 5+3 weeks, ectopic pregnancy can be excluded. From 6± weeks, foetal heartbeat can be detected.
Dating Scan ( 11-14 weeks) £105
Dating_Scan A scan to determine the foetal heart beat, estimate the date of delivery and identify the number of feotuses present. It could be twins!
Gender Scan/Second trimester Reassurance Scan ( 16-19 weeks) £105
Gender_Scan To determine the gender/sex of the baby, basic anatomy and biometry measurements. Includes DVD.
Detailed Anomaly Scan (18–23 weeks) £155
Detailed_Anomaly This scan assesses foetal growth and screens for abnormalities, the placental site, amount of amniotic fluid and foetal movements.
Growth Scan: 2D (24–40+ weeks) £105
Growth_Scan Assessment of foetal growth, amniotic fluid, foetal position and movements, and a Doppler study where required.
Growth Scan: 4D (24–32 weeks) £125
Growth_Scan_4D Assessment of foetal growth, amniotic fluid,foetal position and movements, and Doppler Studies where required. Includes a DVD  and digital images.
Uterine Artery Doppler(22-24weeks) £125
Uterine_Artery This is to screen for impaired placental insufficiency, identify pregnancy at risk (pre-eclampsia, IUGR, history of intrauterine death, women with SLE, diabetes) so that treatment can be offered by your doctor or consultant.
Cervical Length (12, 18, 20, 22, 24 weeks) £125
To measure the length of the cervix, check for funneling and shortening. Offered to women with history of late pregnancy miscarriage, premature birth, previous surgery of the cervix and for those women expecting twins. Well being check of your baby is also included.