Scans For Men and Women

Upper and lower abdominal scan £175
Liver To determine the shape, size and appearance of the pancreas, liver, gallbladder, common bile ducts, kidneys, abdominal aorta, spleen and urinary bladder. To exclude abdominal ascites, cysts and masses.

For female patients
To access the anatomy of the uterus, endometrial thickness and appearances of the ovaries.

To exclude fibroids, endometrial polyp, ovarian cysts and other pathology.

For male patients
To evaluate to size and appearances of the prostate gland.

Pelvic Scan £100
Pelvic_Scan To assess the anatomy of the uterus, appearances andendometrial thickness.

To evaluate the size appearances and shape of the ovaries.

To exclude uterine fibroids, endometrial pathology, and other adnexal findings.

Follicular Tracking £100
Follicular Measuring follicles for IVF treatment.
Breast Ultrasound Scan £150
Breast_Ultrasound This is to check the structure of your breast tissue, identify breast masses and cysts.
Ovarian Screening Scan £200
Ovarian_Scan This is a screening test for ovarian cancer which involves a scan of the ovaries to check for abnormal sizes and texture and taking bloods for CA125 .
Lumps, bumps and small parts £150
Lumps Evaluation of superficial, palpable lumps and bumps.
MSK £150 / region of examination
 MSK Imaging by ultrasound to diagnose tendon, muscles, an ligament’s tears and sprains, effusion in joints, nerve entrapments (carpal tunner syndrome), hernias, soft tissue tumours and hips for children.
DVT £150
 DVT To detect presence of deep vein thrombosis, Baker’s cysts, arterial aneurysms, or hematomas.